Our strategies have generated positive average rates of return with attractive risk-adjusted performance over long periods of time through varying market environments and economic cycles. The strategies exhibit low or negative correlation to equities, fixed income and alternative investment indices.

The team has extensive experience and expertise in both developing and implementing short-term systematic trading strategies. The principals average over 20 years of relevant experience and most team members have been with the firm for more than 5 years.

All our investment programs are highly liquid. They only trade the most liquid exchange-traded futures contracts. The Systematic Alpha Intraday Program has no open positions over-night, therefore all profits and losses in the broker statement are realized. Although the Systematic Alpha Futures Program does take some positions over-night, it has an average holding time of about one trading day, allowing for almost daily liquidity.

We provide our investors with a high degree of transparency. We can share our positions with an investor on any given day, upon request. Our funds provide either weekly or monthly NAVs, with the ability to strike an NAV on any day, upon request. Platform and managed account investments provide daily liquidity and transparency.