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05-2017 Systematic Alpha Management Introduces Systematic Alpha Intraday Program
03-2016 Systematic Alpha Futures Fund Wins 2016 Best Short-Term CTA Award
02-2014 SAM Press Release SAM
09-2013 Going off the beaten path. CTA Intelligence 
06-2012 Short term CTAs see improving climate ahead. Opalesque
06-2012 Short-term CTAs to find footing in the current environment, says SAM. Hedgeweek 
11-2010 Systematic Alpha Joins dbSelect platform after assets boost. Eurohedge
10-2010 Systematic Alpha AUM hits $640mln. the/hedgefund/journal
10-2010 In praise of quants: the scientific way to invest. Financial News
04-2010 CTA Focus on R&D Awaiting Trend Breakout. The/Hedgefund/Journal
01-2010 System addicts: a look at systematic trading. Hedge Funds review
01-2010 Market Neutral Contrarians, SAM interview with Opalesque Futures. Opalesque Futures
01-2010 On Over- and Under-Reaction The/Hedgefund/Journal
11-2009 Managed Futures (CTA) – Newcomer Over $100M. HFMWeek
11-2009 Systematic Alpha Management Futures Fund Wins 2009 HFMWeek U.S. Performance Award.
1-2005 Drawdown Measure in Portfolio Optimization. World Scientific